About us

About us

Elma technology it’s a Turkish Arabic company newly established in 2014 in Istanbul it’s became a result of experience since 2006 in multi sectors the advertising, marketing, and websites programming at the level of founders in the Middle East market and newly the Turkish market, with a wide range of clients and partners in the Middle East , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, & Egyptian and we aim to expand our services to the active commercial areas around the world.

And by virtue of our entry into the Turkish market as one of our advantage point we will offer and provide publicity and technical services that will facilitate trade and communication between Arab and Turkish market both domestically and internationally and in multi languages .





    Whether you want to develop a website from scratch, design a new website, redesign existing site or develop a new software tool, ELMA TEK helps you fulfill all your digital needs with the best blend of expertise, experience, process and technology.

    Interface, Design, CSS/HTML Development

    Visualization, functionality and usability are three prime aspect of designing website or interface. We make our strategy while focusing primarily on these important aspects. We ensure our design will meet your business goal. We follow latest standard of CSS and HTML to develop the design as well as ensure to use W3C standard.

    Mobile Web Development

    User experience is what decide your success. It has become an area of concern of users as well as search engines. We are in the mobile era. Hence, mobile user experience has become a vital part of overall user experience. We build responsive websites that boast utmost usability on all major platforms.

    Custom Programming

    From custom website and ecommerce solutions to content management system (CMS) and software products, our established line up of efficient web development services accomplish your digital requirements and facilitate your growth



    Corporate Idientity

    We will provide you the designs to deliver the message to the targeted consumers and markets beginning with designing the companies and institutions identities , logos and business cards etc..

    Visual Ads

    Whether it printed or unprinted ELMA TEK will give you a Brilliant ideas literally out of the ordinary and traditional ways, our aims to create an effective message to summarize the product either in the promotional phrase or symbol or an empty paper with a black dot .

    Booklets and Magazines

    For more than 10 years and we are making magazines,books and all kind of brochures printed or unprinted . And we were always keen on to provide a modern model and various to keep up with the technical developments and directorial debut that will show content in an attractive and expressional .

    We do

    Business Cards
    Website Themes
    Online Banners
    Social Media Ads

    We use

    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Indesign
    3D Studio Max
    Cinema 4D




    In a few lines we can say that we are able to market your product in whatever it was , a goods or service, or even if it is a personal Facebook page as long as you are targeting the Turkish market or versa. We have the methods and channels that will ensure you a broader and specific prevalence of the target population, according to the concept that fit the nature of your product.

    Our marketing methods :

    – E-marketing we do across our means and our local and global (platforms and websites advertising) of a E-newsletter and specialized global sites .

    – Marketing & promotion by posting in the arabic celebrities instagram accounts (the Arab world) .

    – Marketing by SMS text messages in Turkey through a sufficient customer base have brought the advertising and promotional message is required.

    – Social Media sponsored marketing .

    – Publishing and distribution to home doors and residential elevators.




      Elmazone.com Is the new method of advertising & creative recently introduced in the Turkish market, especially in Istanbul, the primary objective is to change the traditional concept of the ad concept.
      Which may be in some cases not feasible by virtue & large number of these traditional methods until it become an credible less and useless, because of the lack of what motivates the consumers React properly to those Ads.
      elmazone.com giving to their clients a gifts by publishing a cash prizes (gift vouchers) published on the elmazone.com for the user (Browsers) to use it for each advertiser.
      And also the values of subscriptions, depends on to varying durations also the required Subscriptions prices are competitive in the value of the advertising sector.

      For more information about elmazone.com please contact us sales@elmazone.com


      The first turkish search engine specializes in Cosmetics & Medical Centers

      Turkey has attractive nature and geographical location rich with history , culture and religious places which makes it potentional center for all kind of tourisims including health care tourisim , Turkey has quality medical establishments with state of art medical equipments and medical team offering healthcare services at relatively lower cost suitable for all kinds of tourists .Turkey has became the resource for medical treatments for alot of tourists from European countries like Russia , Ukrania , Germany ,England , Netherland , Romania , Bulgaria and other contries in addition to tourists coming from Middleast and Arabic countries .